Sleep on Your Floor

from by fireplace



I wanna sleep on your floor, I wanna puke in your sink
my life is such a chore, sometimes I think
I should pack up my car, say I'm going on tour
I drive to where you are, and I'd sleep on your floor

I play rock shows in your basement
I know your poor I don't need payment
you won't give me an extra blanket
I won't take the floor for granted
won't give me love but that's ok
all I want is a place to stay

I wanna sleep on your floor, I won't be in the way
keep me right by the door, I can leave the next day (leave the next day)
then when I'm gone, you'll feel just like before
cause there's nothing going on, I just sleep on your floor

you have a big bed but I don't care
some other chick is sleeping there
yeah she's your girlfriend but it's whatever
cause I know that you like me better
well I'm not jealous why should I be
all I want is a place to sleep

I wanna sleep on your floor, but I could dance by myself
or with my best friend, cause she's lonely as well (lonely as well)
yeah I'm drawing a line, just so we can be sure
I know you're not mine, I just sleep on your floor

but I could lay on your roof (lay on your roof),
I could cook on your stove (cook right on your stove)
I could take flower pots, put them in your windows (in your windows)
I could clean up your mess, I could see you depressed
I could tell you shut up (shut up),
when you have loud guests (have loud guests)
I could cure your disease, spray your house with frebreze
pay all your bills (all your bills), and make you mac and cheese
but you don't want all that stuff, so I'll have to endure
if you can love me enough, to let me sleep on you floor


from fireplace, released April 22, 2017



all rights reserved


fireplace Indiana, Pennsylvania

fireplace was an indie punk band from IUP.

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